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The Olive Tree Bible App updates


If you enjoy in-depth study of the Bible, you will want to make use of the handy Resource Guide, which presents all sorts of relevant information from your downloaded library right alongside the Bible passage you happen to be reading.

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YouVersion is your Great Bible App for Smartphone and PC


YouVersion is great Bible app that has a lot more features than you will probably be able to use. It is available for just about every device including Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry and you can also download apps for

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Top Grossing Christian Movies of All Time


Christian movies and movies based on situations from the Bible have always struggled in mainstream movie outlets. Whether peer pressure has played a role in keeping people out of movie theatres, or whether there isn’t as much interest in these

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Bible-Based Movies and Television Shows on Netflix


Netflix has been around since 1998 and only grows more popular by the day. A recent price increase didn’t even deter the millions of people from their streaming services that now includes a download feature for viewing offline. (1 raters,

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4 Best Bible App for Android 2017


Download 4 Best Bible App for Android 2017. As the android devices are advancing in terms of speed and processing power, so does the android power. We now have the best bible app in the Google Play Store. These apps

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The Best 5 Bible Apps for Android


The Bible book contains so many things that can motivate, inspire people, and provides religious or spiritual knowledge. So why not download this book by the medium of an application in your smartphone to access it instantly. So many apps

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